Mini Harvest All Veggie

Mini Harvest All Veggie


Recommended for the avid chef or juicer, this assortment of local/regional vegetables offers amazing diversity of flavor and nutrients to your seasonal diet.

What's in it?

Beets, Red
Beets, Red , 1 (lb)
Nature's sweetest vegetable, ruby-hued beets are always at home in salads and sides, and make a tantalizing addition to savory main courses — try roasting...see more

Bell Pepper, Green
Bell Pepper, Green, 1 (each)
These peppers provide three times the vitamin C recommended each day to help give your immune system a boost, helping to safeguard you against heart disease, prostate...see more

Corn, Bi-Color
Corn, Bi-Color , 2 (each)
Grill'em, steam'em, or shave the fresh, sweet kernels into your next salsa, these ears of delicious Bi-Color Sweet Corn are a sure sign of summer. To make sure...see more

Cabbage, Green
Cabbage, Green, 1 (each)
The all-time favorite cabbage. It sets the standard. Firmly packed, with smooth, uniformly green skin. The crisp and fleshy leaves are loaded with tart...see more

Onion, Yellow
Onion, Yellow, 1 (each)
You just can't cook without 'em. Use yellow onions whenever a recipe simply calls for "onion." Ours have exceptional sweetness. They are guaranteed to bring out...see more

Potato, Sweet
Potato, Sweet, 2 (lb)
Sweet, moist and copper-colored, garnet yams are a wonderful baking tuber — their understated sweetness shines in pies, breads and muffins. You can also top...see more

Carrots, 1 (lb)
...see more

Squash, Winter
Squash, Winter, 1 (each)
Winter squashes are uniquely beautiful with ribbed or bumpy skins, irregular shapes, and vibrant colors ranging from yellow to orange to dark green or even multi-toned....see more

Tomato, Green
Tomato, Green, 1 (1 lb)
Green tomatoes are basically unripened tomatoes that offer more than just their bright green pigment. Authentic green tomatoes offer a firm texture with a pleasantly...see more

Okra, 1 (lb)
A tropical plant whose fruit can be steamed, boiled, used as a thickener as in gumbo, or battered and fried as is typical in U.S. Southern cuisine. Okra is low in...see more