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      I started Farmbox Carolina with a passionate desire for how Carolina’s food supply SHOULD be: Healthy, Local, and Convenient. Having grown up on a farm, I learned first-hand the importance of how food is grown, the communal benefits of supporting local farmers, and the struggle for both farmers’ and families to connect with one another. You could say the inspiration for Farmbox Carolina began at age 4, on my first day of work on the farm!   

      Through my experiences, I also learned true nourishment comes from more than just calories, proteins, and fats (though those are also important). We are also nourished by our food memories, our local food culture, and by our friends and family. It is my mission to bring you the stories behind our local farmers and food makers, as well as encourage all of our members to share their traditions, recipes, and food memories with our social media community.

      I personally aspire to live a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food, and support my local farmers, so what better way to combine these ideals than by creating something that does just that, but for everyone!

      So, here we are – Farmbox Carolina – bringing the Farmers Market to your door so we can all Buy Local, Eat Fresh, and live Healthy!


 Jay Constantine
Founder, CEO: Farmbox Carolina

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