Mini Harvest Fruit and Veggies

Mini Harvest Fruit and Veggies


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What's in it?

Orange, Navel
Orange, Navel, 2 (each)
These oranges are characterized by the development of small secondary fruits in the blossom end of the main fruits, small protrusions that look like "belly-buttons"....see more

Cabbage, Green
Cabbage, Green, 1 (each)
The all-time favorite cabbage. It sets the standard. Firmly packed, with smooth, uniformly green skin. The crisp and fleshy leaves are loaded with tart...see more

Onion, Yellow
Onion, Yellow, 1 (each)
You just can't cook without 'em. Use yellow onions whenever a recipe simply calls for "onion." Ours have exceptional sweetness. They are guaranteed to bring out...see more

Potato, Sweet
Potato, Sweet, 1.5 (lb)
Sweet, moist and copper-colored, garnet yams are a wonderful baking tuber — their understated sweetness shines in pies, breads and muffins. You can also top...see more

Bell Pepper, Green
Bell Pepper, Green, 1 (each)
These peppers provide three times the vitamin C recommended each day to help give your immune system a boost, helping to safeguard you against heart disease, prostate...see more

Squash, Winter
Squash, Winter, 1 (each)
Winter squashes are uniquely beautiful with ribbed or bumpy skins, irregular shapes, and vibrant colors ranging from yellow to orange to dark green or even multi-toned....see more

Tomato, Green
Tomato, Green, 1 (1 lb)
Green tomatoes are basically unripened tomatoes that offer more than just their bright green pigment. Authentic green tomatoes offer a firm texture with a pleasantly...see more

Okra, 1 (lb)
A tropical plant whose fruit can be steamed, boiled, used as a thickener as in gumbo, or battered and fried as is typical in U.S. Southern cuisine. Okra is low in...see more

Grape, Muscadine (Green)
Grape, Muscadine (Green), 1 (lb)
Muscadine grapes and are native to the Southeastern United States and found growing wild, and in the back yards of many southern homes. The muscadines are different...see more

Apple, Honeycrisp
Apple, Honeycrisp, 2 (each)
Honeycrisp apples have a yellow background covered with a red to pink blush and speckled with small lenticels. Their creamy white flesh is exceptionally crisp and...see more